In the beginning, Mr Mac purchased and imported Swedish Knit coats and pants in 4 colors. Upon their arrival coats had to be matched with the pants to create the 2pant suit. Over the years the 2 pant suit has evolved into the garment we sell today. 100% Wool Suits Poly Wool Blended Suits Solids and Stripes 2 Button and 3 Button Styles The 2 pant suit has served well for the missionary but is also very popular with the business man who upon arriving at work, hangs up his coat and proceeds to wear out his pants. The second pant gives the suit coat a double life. Additional pants are available with some patterns, making a 3 or 4 pant suit. Mr Mac’s 2 Pant Suit is manufactured by Lanier Clothes who is the largest maker of suits in the United States. The combination of Mr Mac and Lanier Clothes enables us to stock between 6,000 and 8,000 2 pant suits at all times. Sizes 36 to 60.
The Suit Coat
flex fit - stretch arm hole comfort material treated for wrinkle resistant security pocket extra inside pockets
The Pant
Reinforced seat and crotch

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