For over 50 years, Mr. Mac has been the premiere source for quality suits, sport coats, a wide selection of clothing for the Latter Day Saint missionaries and a variety of options of white clothing. 

Unlike a typical department store experience, Mr. Mac represents a one-stop shopping experience to completely outfit your "best dress" and “business dress” needs.

We continue to add items with a large online inventory. Many other items are available in store. Please call one of our stores to order items not available online.

“Nobody buys the way we buy, nobody sells the way we sell. Nobody.”

We’ve spent decades establishing distribution channel relationships that allow us to offer high quality at high value. And, at Mr. Mac, we also pride ourselves in offering products that fit the needs of our customer. Take our two-pant suits for example. Anyone who has ever worn a suit knows that you wear out the pants long before you wear out the jacket! Our two-pant suit packages give your suit investment an extended life – with all the style and quality you could hope for.

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