Coat Size

Place the measuring tape under both arms and around the widest part of chest keeping the tape level with shoulder blades. This will give you your chest measurement, which becomes your suit size. A 42” chest measurement becomes a suit size of 42.

Coat Length

Coats come in four different lengths depending on your Height (see sizing below).

Short 5'4" to 5'7"
Regular 5'8" to 5'11"
Long 6' to 6'3”
X-Long       6'4” and Taller

Slack Waist

Place the measuring tape around the belt line generally about 2 inches below the Belly Button, keeping one finger between the tape and your waist line. This will be your waist size. If you have a favorite pair of slacks at home that fit you well, use them as a pattern and measure the waist and inseam.

Slack In Seam

Measure from inside crotch seam of pant to the floor rounding up to the closest ¼ inch.

Measuring for a Dress Shirt

Neck Measurement
Measure around the base of the neck where the neck is the thickest allowing 2 fingers between tape and neck. For added comfort you may want to add ½ inch to measurement.

Sleeve Measurement
With arm relaxed to your side and elbow slightly bent, Measure from the center of the back of neck over the shoulder and down arm past the elbow to ½ inch past the wrist Bone.

After reading the sizing guide if you are unsure of your correct size please call our toll free (888) 676-2201 for assistance.

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