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I won’t say equivalent but close, CPM 154 is close to the S30V in the balance between hardness, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and toughness, but still the S30V is better in edge retention and corrosion resistance, the second equivalent for our CPM154 would be the 154 CM(since it was developed based on it), and of course CPM … "CPM S35VN is a martensitic stainless steel designed to offer improved toughness over CPM S30V. $195.00 +$5.00 shipping. Although S35V seems to be better on toughness, this toughness can be incorporated in S45VN through heat treatment at 2000 °F. CPM S35VN Steel Review Chris Reeve Knives PacificWhen Crucible Industries introduced its CPM S30V steel, blade-smiths and knife-lovers alike fell in love with it; the quality wear resistance, toughness, and machinability offered by the steel was equal to none other. Both S30V and S35VN steel are made with the same carbon and chrome content, and from various tests, both steels provide the same edge retention and corrosion … Seems to be slightly worse at everything, from toughness, wear resistance, to edge retention and corrosion resistance. If it costs the same as S30V/S35VN I could see a use for it, if its 10-20% more expensive, than we're in the price range of 20CV/M390. S90V, patent filed in 1995 [5], managed to improve on wear resistance, toughness, and corrosion resistance of S60V but its high wear resistance, and therefore poor grindability, means that it has never been a mainstream knife steel. On future batches, I will try and up the speeds and feeds and possibly depths of cut to see if I can decrease cycle times and maintain cutting tool life and dimensional precision/repeatability. Some furnaces are limited to relatively low temperatures, and at the time of the release of S30V, there were many knifemakers with Paragon brand furnaces with a maximum temperature of 2000°F. I also get good corrosion resistance. Become a patron and gain access to awesome rewards including early access to articles or a Knife Steel Nerds mug! Thanks to Atlas Knife & Tool and Mervin Thomson for become Knife Steel Nerds Patreon supporters! Metallurgy and Testing of Knives and Steel. Steels have varying levels of difficulty working the steel, can require specialized tools and exacting heat treatment.S45VN fits the bill for high-end knifemakers that require excellent edge retention and corrosion resistance that is relatively easy to work. [5] Pinnow, Kenneth, William Stasko, and John Hauser. Exhibiting very good edge retention, corrosion resistance, and sharpenability, S30V is utilized by a variety of makers for its … The S35VN or CPM S35V is a high-end martensitic stainless steel made by @Crucible, high in Carbon, Vanadium, and chromium designed to offer a great balance between toughness, hardness and corrosion resistance.It’s used in long-wearing Specialty cutlery, Plastic Injection and Extrusion Feed Screws and Dies, … We will be looking into that more in the future. Required fields are marked *. The toughness of S30V is similar to other stainless steels in its class according to my own toughness experiments, though not record-setting, as seen in our standard toughness test utilizing unnotched 1/4 size charpy specimens: However, I think the toughness of S30V could be further improved with better heat treating, if we use what we learned with heat treating S35VN, S45VN, and SPY27. These properties make S45VN is outstanding blade steel for high-end folding knives. “Powder-metallurgy steel article with high vanadium-carbide content.” U.S. Patent 4,249,945, issued February 10, 1981. 29% CPM-154. So even as S30V is replaced to some extent, it is often by steels that owe some of their design to the older S30V. It was designed in conjunction with knife companies, knifemakers, and heat treaters to learn the properties that they wanted in a knife steel. ... Spyderco Para 3 Sprint Run-Diamond Arc Text Forest Green G-10-CPM-S45VN. As seen in the formula composition, S45VN has a higher chromium content as compared to the S35VN. Dick Barber, former Crucible metallurgist who was the lead developer on S30V, asked Chris Reeve (of Chris Reeve Knives) why they were using BG42 steel rather than one of the available Crucible products [6]. I am liking S30V more that 154CM, VG-10, and D2 because when I go to lower angles when sharpening I don’t get the micro-chipping with S30V. S90V has a better edge retention but let's all be honest, edge retention for most of us is just numbers on a piece of paper. While earlier generations of steel relied on Vanadium, replacing this element with niobium created harder particles that contribute to the wear resistance of steel. this article to learn about corrosion resistance, Toughness – improved because of a small reduction in carbide content along with using powder metallurgy for finer carbides, Edge retention – increased vanadium for hard vanadium carbides led to increased wear resistance and therefore slicing edge retention, Corrosion resistance – With the vanadium addition, less chromium carbide is formed in the S30V leading to improved corrosion resistance relative to BG42 and 154CM. https://www.patreon.com/Knifesteelnerds, Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window). S30V is, in many eyes, the ultimate EDC steel. Overall, I'm pleased with it, and more importantly, my customers are satisfied. Another factor with ease in heat treating is how fast the steel must be quenched from high temperature and still achieve full hardness. Summary and Conclusions. By Larry Connelley When looking at quality American-made knives, you'll notice that S35VN and S30V steel are two of the more popular steels for knife blades. As shown in the datasheet, S30V can reach at least 64 Rc when using cold treatments, and can easily be tempered down to the 58-61 Rc range common for many knives. 5% S30V. 154CM was designed for bearings, and was essentially a modification of 440C by reducing the chromium (Cr) by ~3% and adding 4% molybdenum (Mo). 7. So I think that 20CV would probably be the best choice for Spyderco to use if production costs were competitive with S30V or S45VN. The more the carbides present the tougher and brittle the steel. S30V is a knife steel produced by Crucible, released at the end of 2001 [1]. However, the Mo was not increased to compensate. CPM s90v Corrosion Resistance: Great Corrosion Resistance due to … 10V, developed in the 1970s [2][3], had very high wear resistance with good toughness but was not stainless. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. (Which is still considered an excellent blade material.) I really would like to try out SPY-27, that looks like an interesting steel also. The chemistry has been rebalanced to improve corrison resistance, wear resistance and edge retention. Molybdenum improves corrosion resistance, as mentioned earlier in connection with 154CM. CPM S35VN 12.0 ft. lbs. Crucible Industries has been producing steel with high wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and toughness by adding vanadium and niobium when creating new products. Yojimbo™ 2 Natural G-10 CPM® M4 Black Blade Exclusive. Design of S45VN Steel – Nitrogen. The molybdenum was added so that the bearings could be operated at high temperature, but it was discovered that partially replacing Cr with Mo led to similar corrosion resistance to 440C. The CPM process produces very homogeneous, high quality steel characterized by superior dimensional stability, grindability and toughness compared to steels produced by conventional processes." S30V quickly became a favorite for knife manufacturers in the 2000s. CPM SPY27 is a steel produced by Crucible exclusively for Spyderco. With poor grindability and little stain resistance it has never been used much outside of individual custom knives. Nitrogen was added in place of carbon and niobium increased in place of vanadium to improve corrosion resistance present in S35NV.Edge Retention Molybdenum additions improve “hardenability” so that slower air quenches can be used, so the 2% Mo helped in that regard. Along the same lines, CPM S45VN has slightly better edge retention in CATRA test results (all % numbers relative to AISA 440C steel ) when compared to S35VN steel , 143% vs… Chris Reeve is famous for developing two steels directly with Crucible Industries, and boy did this partnership result in an awesome product. S30V gained wide usage in a relatively short period of time. in these two. While corrosion resistance is important a knife's key role is cutting hence holding its edges is a vital feature. Yojimbo™ 2 G-10 Brown Black Blade CPM S90V Exclusive. My question now is, why would I chose S45VN over M390? Add in the machined "grooves" on the bevels, and the edge thickness can be .050" prior to sharpening. With a low Cr (5%) steel like 10V, basically all of the vanadium forms the very hard vanadium carbides (VC) which contribute to wear resistance and edge retention. This is why 3% vanadium 3V has much better toughness and grindability than the 10% vanadium 10V, though at the cost of wear resistance. I would argue that S30V is better for every practical need. This resulted in a similar amount of carbide, but much more of it is vanadium carbide, which results in higher wear resistance. Nitrogen can increase hardness and corrosion resistance in stainless steels, read more here. I didn't really plan it that way, but it works out that this edge type, when combined with a relatively steep sharpening angle of 17 degrees per side gives a really tough sharpened edge.

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