retail performance review examples

✓ He knows how to uses the equipment efficiently to manage his time. ✗ He guarantees that deadlines will be met, but consistently misses them. ✗ He confuses the employees through different directions and guidance. ✓ He is a well-versed team player. ✓ His good attitude towards clients makes them use the company’s service again and recommend it to others. He is respectful of the feelings of others. ✗ He is a decent task manager, but falls short when it comes to setting a vision. We depend on him. ✓ He never publicly makes negative comments. ✓ He pays attention to detail in every task he is given. ✗ He is lethargic and lacks the desire or volition to learn new skills or develop his qualifications. ✓ He creates a strong rapport with those he interacts with. ✗ He needs close supervision when he is performing his assignments. ✗ He holds too many meetings. As such, they are relevant to promotions, compensation, discipline and dismissals. ✗ He does not want to pick up any new techniques or skills. He should learn how to marry creativity with practice. ✓ He is decisive in difficult situations. Here are some examples of key topics and statements that employees like Ollie can touch on in their performance reviews. ✓ His schedule shows no issues and his good attendance is within the standard policy. ✓ He only makes a decision after considering it carefully. ✓ He makes a special effort to boost employee morale and create a positive work environment. He seems slow and indecisive when presented with a major issue. ✓ He can find a point of connection with just about anyone. ✓ He proactively shares progress towards goals. ✓ His enthusiasm for the work shines through and infects others around them. ✗ He rarely innovates and when he does, it seems forced. ✗ He frequently takes breaks after meetings in which difficult decisions were announced. He needs to handle customers more creatively and flexibly. ✓ He shares expertise with others, to teach as well as achieve goals. ✓ He is firm, determined and confident. ✓ He constantly searches for new ideas and ways to improve efficiency. ✗ He is not as knowledgeable about the job and its requirements as we expected. His complaints build resentment within his team. ✓ He is always pursuing ways to further development or better himself. ✗ He needs to work on his ability to accept feedback from coworkers. ✗ He is continually late for work and should improve this area by focusing on arriving on time each day. ✓ He strives to create a positive atmosphere in the work place. ✓ He shows appropriate behavior and gestures, such as nodding or keeping eye contact to indicate attention and agreement. ✗ He sometimes does not reach the set goals. ✓ He always helps out to achieve the goals of the group. ✗ He should work on approaching his coworkers in a more professional and welcoming manner. ✗ He does not use his leadership skills appropriately to manage staff. ✗ His understanding of business is very good, however, his ability to communicate with the technical members of his team is holding him back. He relates to others very well. ✗ He doesn’t accept responsibility well. ✓ His ability to work well with others has always been impressive. ✗ He seems unwilling to learn new skills. ✗ He should improve his communication with his management team. Be proactive and strictly comply with codes of ethic; be initiative at work; 4. ✓ He has developed an effective system of encouraging and criticizing of her employees. ✓ He ensures his staff understand their job responsibilities. He responds well to change and different situations. He didn’t focus on coordinating them toward one common goal. Performance reviews are meant to be unique and tailored for each individual. ✗ He is very composed but he displays a poor attitude that must be improved. ✓ He is flexible and has the ability to adjust to any situation. ✓ He refuses to be downhearted under incredible pressure. ✓ He is a good team member. He resolves difficult situations in an amazing manner. ✗ His demeanor can be unapproachable and this negatively impacts the morale of his team. ✓ He has a high sense of responsibility to his job. ✓ He is an effective listener. ✓ His positive attitude in his management role is his most important and effective skill. He directs them use their strengths to better their performances. ✓ He works with customers very well. ✗ He is indecisive. ✓ He keeps to his commitments and works with fellow employees to help them keep to theirs. ✗ He produces too many unnecessary errors. He coaches them to perform as required. ✓ He is able to analyze any problem and find the best solution to any problem. ✓ He knows how to keep his staff focused on a plan. He recommends the most suitable solution. ✗ He has left a wake of bad relationships in his career path. Has not learnt any new financial models that can help him/her increase their contribution, Needs to be more thorough while analyzing market trends and competitors, Tends to buckle under pressure when faced with numerous complex transactions, Has had difficulty presenting financial reports to board members, stakeholders, executives, and clients in formal meetings on more than one occasion, Needs to update knowledge about upcoming technological advancements in finance and accounting software, Does not display the willingness to ‘think-out-of-the-box’, Inability to provide insightful information has led to senior executives take longer amount of time to form long term plans, Lacks basic decision making skills and relies on others to take decisions on his/her behalf, Makes extravagant claims but fails to back up with research and statistics, Always needs to be supervised while reviewing, monitoring and managing budgets, Lacks the ingenuity to change directions when the team requires it most, Has managed to ruffle quite a few feathers while trying to get work done by others, Focuses more on the end result than on fostering teamwork, Holds too many meetings (of longer duration) that end up reducing productivity of employees, Poor interpretation of market trends has led to increase in financial risks, Does not set goals or objectives that could help him/her increase own contribution, Easily overwhelmed when faced with multiple problems at the same time, Sets personal goals that are in direct contradiction to professional goals, Drastically behind teammates with respect to technical expertise, Responsibly coordinates activities that affect operations decisions and business requirements, Highly efficient at planning, scheduling and reviewing workload and manpower availability, Provides guidance to employees when the situation demands it, Systematic approach of planning, scheduling, and reviewing workload and manpower enables team to maintain productivity, Increases workplace morale and productivity through effective facilitation of activities, Reduced errors in (list of tasks) as a result of thorough analysis of historical information, Excels at analyzing data retrieved from (lists of tasks) and providing actionable solutions, Expert at delivering presentations about (list of products/services) due to conceptual clarity, Communicates the (message/company policies) clearly without offending anyone, If ‘X’ commits to any activity, he/she makes sure that activity is taken to its desired end, Sets up a timeline after discussing with team and follows up at specific checkpoints, Maintains high self-discipline and does not rely on policies to conduct himself/herself, Has never been known to proactively communicate any changes in the order or delivery date to relevant parties, Has a good sense of humor and makes sure the work environment is positive, Embraces change and adapts to newer skills quickly to ensure smooth work, Correct body language and gestures help the other person relax and speak what they have in mind, Is able to decide when he/she should walk away from a negotiation during purchase of materials and services required for production, Organized projects and tasks in order of their importance and ensures that work is completed on priority, Involves teammates/subordinates in the planning process, thereby increasing trust in the team, Leverages the right tools and technologies to ensure the end result is of the highest quality, Has established a good rapport with all team members and can bring them together to work in collaboration, Contributes towards improvement of work policies and removing orthodox ones, Cannot comprehend impact of poor planning and scheduling of resources on a larger scale, Repeatedly failed to carefully organize and allocate manpower leading to lower productivity, Is rigid and sticks to traditional systems of data collection rather than experiment with new ones, Needs to work on planning and organizing skills before undertaking (list of tasks), Tends to blame others when health and safety regulations are not followed effectively, Is unable to complete set of activities owned by him/her such as consistently monitoring of production schedules, Is highly comfortable with existing set of responsibilities and does not want to get out of comfort zone, Intent to provide perfect solutions often ends up delaying (list of tasks) significantly, affecting overall team productivity, Does not help others develop their skills or provide guidance to employees, Has a strong analytical mind but lacks creativity while resolving problems and complaints, Employee turnover has increased by 35% due to poor allocation of resources, Relies more on ‘gut feeling’ rather than objective approach required for forecasting and budgeting of resources, Promises deadlines will be met but always delivers later that deadline, Continues to neglect newer opportunities for improving customer experience, Performs activities in the same monotonous manner despite being given the freedom to innovate, Is not flexible enough to handle any change in situations, Finds it difficult to take decisions in stressful situations such as coordinating activities that affect operational decisions, Focuses more on self-development rather than teammates/subordinates, Fails to follow up with important contacts established during networking events, X is not confident about own abilities and shies away from taking up any challenge, Finds it difficult to analyze any problem objectively, Too ambitious goals and no plan on how to achieve these goals, Does not understand how to follow a set of instructions, Never loses sight of time constraints and delivers designs as planned, Always displays can-do attitude when faced with any challenging assignment, Avoids traditional approaches and seeks innovative solutions to prepare product design specification and integration documents, Can better visualize the end result, making it easy for him/her to create prototypes of design, Consistently improves skills to ensure designs are not only functional but also easy to use, Nothing escapes X’s watchful eye as he/she pays great attention to detail while designing and building products, Has the potential to spot hidden patterns that are missed by average individuals, Has displayed strong understanding of benefits of all the features of (list of products/services) which enable X to address pain points of end customers, Excels at leading a discussion towards the desired outcome for an effective product design, Tactfully answers all objections raised by team about design specifications, Displays willingness to embrace accountability and make new mistakes to grow consistently, Encourages others to utilize his/her own ways and create innovative designs, in order to build trust, Regularly helps others understand policies and how to maintain it, Determines the most effective ways to follow agile methodologies and ensures others follow them too, Has a handle on emotions when dealing with stressful situations and tight deadlines, Quickly understands how to navigate through complex design architecture and achieve the end result, Does not offer judgment but rather a constructive criticism for improving drawbacks in existing specifications, Always asks questions to ensure everyone involved is on the same page, Brought order to a chaotic team/department by introducing agile methodology and implementing it successfully, Is always prepared for any contingencies with a backup plan, Takes responsibility to overcome challenges and makes sure his/her word is fulfilled, Participates actively in all team discussions and contributes ideas assertively, Pays attention to work policies and follows them diligently, Struggles to meet basic design standards set by manager/team, Failure to comprehend instructions leads to mismatch of expected design and final outcome, Hesitates to learn new design tools and software that could be essential to improve performance, Poor quality of work leads to increased workload for other teammates, Never able to deliver on-time leading to dissatisfied clients, Bites off more than he/she can chew which leads to delay in completion of (list of tasks), Often blames others when specifications of a product are not met, Reduced productivity by Y% due to lack of commitment towards (list of tasks), Has difficulty in analyzing what are his/her missing skills, Always focusing on being practical, where sometimes creativity is also required, Is often biased towards one tool and neglects using advanced techniques that could reduce time required for task completion, Focus on short term implications when taking decisions, while ignoring long term impact, Handles projects extraordinarily at the start but loses enthusiasm midway leading to shoddy work at the end, Stays in comfort zone more than necessary, Has rarely shown any artistic flair in his/her entire tenure, Has failed to adapt to changing environments and upcoming technologies, Has a more autocratic approach towards getting work done by teammates, Preaches about bring innovation in design but does not lead by example, Does not maintain records of versions changed from the product design’s start to its most recent stage, Avoids taking tasks that require long term commitment, Takes a long amount of time to provide any solution by which time the problem reaches its critical stage, Focused solely on self-improvement and often neglects helping teammates, Cannot adapt to newer technologies which make him/her take long amount of time to complete basis activities, Has a flair for coming up with ground breaking ideas for (list of products/services), Thinks of the problem before trying to coming up with random solution, Has thorough understanding of the target market’s needs, Leverages advanced technology to ensure best (list of products/services) are developed, Coordinates with everyone and gets multiple ideas before finalizing one, Is highly efficient at assessing the benefits and monitoring the costs and effectiveness of research and development activities, Ability to comprehend and interpret large amount of data with minimum supervision, Deep knowledge about (list of products/services) enables X to provide guidance on research and development options available to the organisation, Ability to direct any deviation from original idea back on track, Thorough understanding of customer needs helps in determining and recommending product usage information, Follows through on all commitments irrespective of the challenges involved, Delegates tasks to the lowest level of the organization without any biases, Has suggested valuable points for preparing yield computation including product costings, Has helped increase compliance with safety and maintenance regulations by providing guidelines for maintaining equipment and lab infrastructure in optimal working conditions, X is respectful of others opinions yet assertively expresses the right solutions whenever required, Is able to quickly grasp the finer nuances of complicated activities by drawing upon basic scientific knowledge, Has been proven to be a great listener when engaged in conversations, Makes sure everything is clarified in case of ambiguous terms and conditions, Adopts a systematic and methodical approach towards all work, X establishes a clear set of guidelines to ensure the task is efficiently completed well within time, Brainstorms multiple solutions with teammates/subordinates until an efficient solution is developed, Encourages team members to come up with creative ideas and experiments with them as well, Is known throughout the company for preparing competitive monitoring report and providing necessary recommendations, Lack of coordination among other team members has led to redundant work, Does not utilize modern technologies or equipment to improve performance of (list of products/services), Incorrect research methods have led to poor data collection, Does not look to innovate unless specifically asked, Hoards information that can be useful to others as well. They should encourage the shopper to buy. ✓ He is a very creative innovator. He is good manager who treats all employees equally, regardless of gender, age or any other factor. He seems to always be in survival mode without focusing on the goals necessary to move his team forward. ✓ He is highly trustworthy. Unfortunately, he often fails to meet deadlines and lacks consideration for others. ✓ He always tries his best to finish his tasks, even these duties do not belong to him. ✓ He is able to bring out the best out of those in the team. ✓ He demonstrates commitment to the company in both words and actions. ✓ He suitably counsels employees who engage in inappropriate behaviors. ✗ He tends to be distant and unapproachable. ✓ He works well with clients. ✗ He fails to actively resolve the problem of poor performances at work. ✓ He positively influences the behavior of other employees. ✓ He always takes opposite and conflicting views into account to develop proper compromise solutions. ✓ He is very good at communicating and everybody appreciates his good behavior with others. ✗ His professional growth seems to have halted. His commitment to punctuality and attendance has contributed greatly to our team’s overall success. ✓ The quality of his work is highly consistent. ✓ He is able to learn concepts quickly and adopt them into his performance. ✓ He is a skilled negotiator who follows corporate rules and studied techniques. He spends too much time performing his assignments without a proper plan. ✓ He can seemingly strike up a conversation with anybody. He was frequently absent when needed. ✓ He is ready to share information and knowledge for the common development of all staff. ✓ He welcomes criticism that will help to improve the business. ✓ He allocates tasks appropriately based on the prior assignments. He is a valued team member with his enthusiasm. ✓ He takes care that every team member’s allocated task is the best one for them. ✓ He consistently engages in meritorious behavior. ✗ He does not work well with others. These are typically agreed between the employee and their reporting manager at the start of a business year or quarter. ✗ He took several more personal days than permitted. 100 Performance Review Example Phrases. Each position requires its unique set of skills that can never be generalised. This will cause problems if an unchecked or untested idea is implemented as soon as it is thought of. ✗ He needs to focus more on understanding the trends and changes in the fast changing world marketplace. He never ignores any detail of his work. ✗ He does not monitor and follow up on her teams progress and as a result nothing is accomplished. As we’ve seen, there will be employees that are meeting or … ✓ He fully complies with departmental leave and absence procedures. ✗ He should continue to work on cultivating good relationships with those around him. ✓ He works well with customers. ✓ He is always the first to understand new rules, upgraded software and equipment and adjust to the changes. ✗ Products made by him contain many errors and rarely pass any inspection phase. He has ability to find the most suitable solutions to submit to management. ✓ He has the ability to resolve any issue by himself and he creates good relationships with his colleagues. ✗ He is very loyal guy, but cannot be depended on. ✗ He repeatedly asks the same questions about his job duties. ✗ We need people who are willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. ✓ No technical problem is too difficult to solve for him. He consistently strives to do what’s right. His coworkers often comment on how they feel good about sharing new ideas and thoughts without fear of intimidation. ✗ He should keep on cultivating good relationships with others around him. ✓ His core strength is his ability to immediately connect with anyone. ✗ He is not approachable and is tough to work with. ✗ He has a tendency to blame others for problems or poor results. ✓ He maintains open communication among his employees. ✗ He tends to complain about a lack of resources and personnel instead of making do with what he has. ✓ He is able to make sound fact-based judgments. ✓ She shows sensitivity and consideration to other people’s feelings. He is always one member the team we go to when we need a lift. ✓ He is a compassionate listener and makes each customer know he values their time. Every day I come to work with a smile on my face. ✓ He effectively communicates expectations and goals. ✗ He is a good supervisor but he is not expert in this field. ✗ He is easily upset when not offered assistance when he feels he needs it. ✓ He promotes a team-centered environment. He fails to focus on his goals, resulting in failure. ✓ He completes his assignments accurately and in a timely and efficient manner. ✗ He rarely pays attention to the details of his duties. He always carries out his assignments without waiting to be told. He should learn to accept a reasonable work-personal life balance. ✓ He always takes initiative in overcoming obstacles and finding a resolution that meets everyone’s needs. ✓ He seeks feedback on the effectiveness of his written and oral communication. ✗ His attitude is poor in general impacts his work. ✓ He seeks and takes on any new opportunity that might present itself. ✗ He focuses his team on accomplishing individual tasks and neglects to consider what could be accomplished if the team worked more cohesively together. ✓ He shared the vision of the action plan with employees. ✗ He has not yet found a way to deal with situations in a group. ✓ He promptly tackles changes during doing his assignments. ✓ He provides the information and knowledge beneficial to the general development of the staff. ✗ His lack of concentration results in a high level of errors. ✗ He often criticizes rivals in order to convince customers to use the services of his company. ✗ He rarely innovates and when he does, it seems to be reluctant. ✗ He does not know how to set targets and lead his team to reach them. ✓ He usually focuses his attention on the positives when dealing with problems. ✗ He is not flexible enough to create new ideas when needed. ✗ He cannot give managers the requisite information when an issue occurs. ✗ He should concentrate more on the positive sides of his duties and his team. ✓ He is an active and focused listener. This year, he has really shined in this area. ✗ He tends to leave work for others to do; while most of his coworkers are willing to work late to finish the project. ✓ He has never complained about his job or his colleagues. ✓ He is an effective manager and understands how to supervise his employees to meet expectations. ✓ He is creative and finds ways to correlate ideas with actions. His work is always completed with high quality. ✗ He should make a work plan for each week. ✗ He has difficulty in locating the necessary information to complete his job responsibilities. ✗ His work does not comply with the required output standards. ✓ He brings comfort to people working with him. ✓ He is able to listen as effectively as well as talk. ✓ His performance is always reliable and he follows his work schedule well. ✗ He needs to work on adapting better to new systems or technologies. ✓ He is always stays aware of market changes to be able to react immediately. ✓ His team looks up to him as a positive influence. ✗ He needs to improve his technical understanding of his job. He is easily upset by problems or difficult situations. ✗ He neglects tasks perceived as low priority. ✗ He is frequently late to work in winter because he fails to account for weather and traffic in his daily commute. ✗ He is uninterested in what others have to say and interrupts others before they finish speaking. ✓ He takes charge of directly dealing with problems. ✗ He shows no willingness to do what it takes to get the job done, especially in this economy. ✗ He sets unreasonably high expectations for his team. ✗ He seems more intent on accomplishing his own tasks rather than assisting others who might need help. ✓One of his strengths is his ability to design achievable goals. He has a difficult time separating his personal relationships with professional ones. ✗ He does not achieve goals or objectives because he does not focus on his performance. ✗ He relies on his knowledge and skills to perform without asking colleagues for help and advice. ✓ A person with good decision-making skills should be making sound fact based judgements. ✗ We cannot depend on him. ✗ He appears uninterested and detached from his work lately as if he is no longer engaged in it. ✗ He makes others feel intimidated when working on company projects. ✗ He demonstrates a desire to avoid working with others. ✓ He deals with customer complaints with a calm demeanor. ✓ John is very hard-working. These goals are used to evaluate the performance of employees at the end of a performance period. He does everything necessary to retain customers. ✗ He is focused on himself and does not think about the needs of those around him. ✓ He is able to work out multiple alternative solutions and determine the most suitable one. He assigns suitable duties to each of them. ✓ He is not afraid to take calculated risks to make things work better. ✓ He shows significant interest in the project and he constantly generates new ideas. ✓ He is an innovator at heart. ✓ His knowledge of his job surpasses the required level. ✓ He demonstrates tact and diplomacy when resolving conflicts. His staff reward his expectations in their performances. ✓ He Identifies the most worthy steps and then follows them. ✓ His team performs well and all of them speak highly of him. This translates into great opportunities for teamwork and connections to form. ✓ He brings a level of enthusiasm to his job that few can. Specifically, he solved a problem with an extra creative solution. He needs to manage this better. 1. ✓ He is always open to receiving feedback on his work. ✗ He loses his temper easily when others give criticism. ✓ He has received a lot of positive appraisals from his subordinates and other line-managers. ✗ He is rarely on time and his appearance is untidy. This is an excellent time to hear each employee’s thoughts on the store’… ✓ He respects other peoples’ time and priorities. ✓ He is a highly principled. He is not suitable for teamwork tasks. ✓ He connects his staff members together well to create a team first environment. ✓ He treats others with courtesy and respect. ✓ He holds himself accountable for his team’s performance objectives and goals. ✗ He doesn’t seek out opportunities to learn and grow within his role. ✓ He remains calm and composed under high levels of pressure. ✗ He doesn’t contribute ideas to projects or his suggestions are ambiguous. ✗ He is the person least likely to offer assistance when needed. ✗ He lacks credibility in his messages. ✓ He thrives under pressure and brings the team together. He is very good at handling difficult situations with customers. He should develop his troubleshooting ability and develop his career. ✓ He is a servant-leader, who is always willing to help his team. ✗ He doesn’t analyze the situation and the potential affect of his solutions carefully before making a final decision. ✗ The products produced by him have an unacceptably high defect level. ✓ He follows instructions with care and attention. ✗ He is too restrained and does not encourage or compliment his personnel when he should. ✓ He shows appropriate patience with complaining customers and employees. ✗ He tries to perform several tasks simultaneously to finish work faster instead of setting the right priorities. ✓ He will never quit until a project is finished. ✓ He enables everyone around him to remain calm and concentrate on the final goal. ✓ He clearly communicates objectives, and what is expected from them to his team members. He creates a stiff environment that is not conducive to innovation.

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