relay race ideas for athletes

Olympic sprint and relay events follow roughly the same rules, with relay events having additional rules for baton passing. I coach older kids, but we will sometimes do relay races to mix things up a little with conditioning. a. Download File Here: Looking for more fun activities for kids, Guess what? a. Divide your group into pairs, and each pair into person A and person B. Most of the following suggestions need few or no props. Set up a challenge for two equally matched children. It could be about finding ways for us to support each other - such as encouraging your team mates. In the Olympic Games, there are several types of relay races that are part of track and field. Which team has the highest number of throws? They will have 30 seconds to collect as many sweets as they can. Play an 'in and out' drama game in which your group create statues of feelings related to this theme - loneliness, fear, anger, frustration, surprise and so on. • 6 relay race ideas • Try these out for your next PE //-->

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