how to make a stamp pad

If they start to dry out, I usually just give them a spritz of water to keep them fresh. When you're ready to use the stamp pad again, just spritz it with a little water and add more paint. Elementary School, Every Day Art Program, Homemade Materials and Tools, Middle School, Mixed Media, Preschool, Printmaking. what color exact your stamp pad has, 0 0. matthew. The thicker the foam, the less chance … Repeat this a couple of times until you think the pad is properly saturated. Irene, Hi Irene, Thanks so much for your post, it's wonderful to hear how you've adapted the stamping pads for your home! Hi Meghan, I plan to try this at home for making cards. A fine and less-expensive alternative are dish sponges. Note: the ink options listed here are only for paper stamping. Swish, Swish! December 24, 2008 33859 Views 9 Comments. Kids usually notice color attributes before shape or pattern, so by keeping the stamp pads to a single color, the shape and pattern could share the spotlight with color. To make our stamps, we use upholstery foam, polystyrene (like Styrofoam) tray and a hot glue gun. SpongesIf you want to make your own stamp pads here’s a simple recipe:Mix tempera paint and glue with the following ratio: 3 parts paint, 1 part glueCut sponges to fit some small plastic containers (use inexpensive new for the dollar store or recycled plastic tubs), and mix the paint/glue right in the container to make mini ink pads. Sara, Watch a recording of The Very Virtual Benefit & Auction, Museum Reopening Information and Guidelines. Sometimes when you’re printing tiny blocks (to make buttons, for instance) it’s quicker to ink the blocks with a stamp pad rather than a foam brush or roller. Look out for a confirmation email from us.

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