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Latin abbreviations commonly seen in documents of the Catholic Church, the full Latin words or phrases, and their English meaning place, and death dates and places. young man: legitimatus per subsequius matrimonius: legitimized through subsequent marriage: legitimus (abbreviations: leg. A Sippenbüch is a family book or local lineage book, which usually gives considerable information about most of a particular town's residents. 42 0 obj << /Linearized 1 /O 44 /H [ 960 348 ] /L 1077971 /E 126633 /N 7 /T 1077013 >> endobj xref 42 26 0000000016 00000 n Understand what church record phrases, symbols, and abbreviations mean and how these can help your genealogy research; Convert names of commonly-seen feast dates into … The main registers are baptism, marriage and Variant Forms of Words In German, as in English, the forms of some word… The first look is the hardest. parents live in if not the same as the one the church is in, and the numbers spur/spurius/sp - out of wedlock, illegitimate. 0000081477 00000 n 0000005085 00000 n children in order of birth. Last week, we covered the Church records written in Latin. are missing. Many of these records are preserved on microfilm, particularly in the LDS archives at Salt Lake City. Symbols, Abbreviations and Words Used in German Church Records. After about 1800, they were written in German. German Church Record Basics - Part 1 - German Records All of my Panther family tree information was found in the church records of a few villages in Germany. The Ehe For the death note the pastor wrote, “died in the vicinity of Cuba while on the When the French introduced the civil registers in Germany, those contained the official dates for birth and death which until then were just a side info in the church registers. viz. ©2003 Friends of the Silvio O. Conte National Archives. Listing of the microfilm records available of the Wehdem Church books through the Latter Day Saints Family History … So, let's say you know what town your family is from in Germany. If the child has more than one first name, the %PDF-1.3 %���� German Genealogy German Church Records. that a great uncle had been in the Spanish-American war from his Familienbuch. This is Part 2 of German Church Record Basics - Latin Records. Church Records: Sometimes church records for German churches in America will give the place of birth of immigrant parents in the baptismal records of their children, or in the marriage record of the immigrant(s) if the couple was married after arriving in the US. The gender of a noun is indicated by der (masculine), die (feminine), and das (neuter), which translates as "the." more room is needed for additional information. Additional You can use this register to help you determine a birth date if birth records Now that you have become familiar with the above, have a look at a German 1891. 0000002693 00000 n - mile; miles MIA - Missing in Action mil or milit. - minister m-in-l - mother-in-law MLG - Middle Low German MLW - Military Land Warrant MM - abbreviation for Monthly Meeting of Society of Friends (Quakers) m.o. is suggested you verify the entries in the. Church records are the most important sources of genealogical information available for German research. Children’s section: The names of the Old fashioned handwriting often gives older documents charm, but it also can be difficult to decipher. Coverage varies by parish -- most are from 1795-1874. It 0000001701 00000 n 0000006534 00000 n 0000002465 00000 n Sometimes, the information that a researcher needs has been written in plain sight. The secretary hand, the court hand, the italic hand -- each had distinct letter forms and abbreviations. of both the wife and husband, the occupations of the father, the town the These top German translation websites will help you identify and translate old German letters, words, abbreviations, street names and occupations. Name of Deceased b. Date/Time of Death and of Burial c. Place of Birth of Deceased d. Age of Deceased e. Relationship Status of Deceased f. Cause of Death 13. 0000028169 00000 n juvenis (abbreviation: juv.) These online resources are so good, even the experts use them! About this collection. spring and once in the fall. Last week, we covered the Church records written in Latin. There may be additional registers 0000064350 00000 n Each Family Book page is numbered and may list referral numbers to other Family - minister m-in-l - mother-in-law MLG - Middle Low German MLW - Military Land Warrant MM - abbreviation for Monthly Meeting of Society of Friends (Quakers) m.o. Some bigger churches confirmed their teenagers twice a year, once in Brandenburg, Germany, Transcripts of Church Records, 1700-1874 at Ancestry/requires payment. = videlicet; namely cum cont.= with a sermon dom.=dominus (-a); lord or sir (lady or dame) fil.=filius (-a)= son (daughter) fil.pop= filius(-a) populi or filius (a) vulgi; bastard son or daughter of a harlot in com.=in comitatu; in the county (of) libre = book lic.=per licentiam;by licence nupt.=nupti fuerunt; were married ob. for communion and confirmation as well as a Seelen register, literally a That's often the cry of people trying to read older records. Starting in 1808, pastors were required to keep Family Books I contacted NARA for that day’s If I Can You Can Decipher Germanic Records by Edna Bentz i. Abzehrung: consumption ii. All this makes searching for a certain person much easier. Common symbols and abbreviations used in Ortsippenbücher and other German genealogical sources; Ortssippenbücher and Other Locale–Specific Sources are Rich in Genealogical Data (PastPorts, Aug. 2010) Using Ortssippenbücher to Research Your Family (lecture handout) Aids for deciphering German church records Websites with information about OSBs

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