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At the time this adorable video was shot, baby Elliotte was just 4 months old, and her nanny cat Watson was 7. The babysitter was abusing their baby, the baby starts to cry, and after a few minutes the baby crying turns to be a painful crying. As reported by the UK Mirror, in 2014, 5-year-old Ethan Fenton and his 2-year-old brother Ashton were picked on by a … 1,872,119, This story has been shared 1,039,376 times. was harming the toddler. Family cat saves kid from attacking dog. Cat protects 5-year-old boy from bullies Posted on November 23, 2018 by Dr. Eowyn | 9 Comments Smudge is a tabby cat who lives with his human family, the Fentons, in Doncaster, England. Must Watch this video. The three siblings were playing at a park by their babysitter's house when a young man scooped up their 22-month-old baby brother, Owen, and took off running. Privacy Notice Dog_Saved_Baby_From_An_Abusive_Babysitter watch more click … Now Watch What The Family Dog Does. ... Man may have a new best friend after surveillance video surfaced showing a cat saving a boy from an attacking dog in Bakersfield Tuesday. Do Not Sell My Personal Information. Your California Privacy Rights You just need to specify youtube channel or user or playlist or even search results as video source. By Lauren. 2 Comments. This cat is overprotective. Related Videos. Terms of Use A feline friend named Gatubela is being hailed a hero after saving a wayward toddler from falling down a flight of stairs. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Coca Cola, Different Sprite,Cat, Pepsi,Fanta and Stretch Armstrong vs mentos in big underground . There is no question the pet prevented a tragedy. In Spanish, the post reads, “I present to you the hero of the week catwoman you are a blessing .”. Whenever Khan entered the Jordan’s house, Killian would growl and stand between her and little Finn, seemingly defending the baby from his babysitter. The post has been shared 25,000 times since Friday. Cats are often accused of being aloof creatures, only out for themselves. NEXT VIDEO Faith In Humanity Restored. As the kid begins shuffling toward an open doorway leading to a steep staircase, the kitty bounds to the rescue from the sofa and latches onto the tiny tot. The babysitter carelessly breaks a glass, and when the nearby toddler starts crying, the family cat comes to save him! Benjamin and Hope were flabbergasted. Martin published the first book in the series Karen's Witch in 1988. and continued the series with 122 novels until 2000. Funny 2020, all rights reserved | Powered by Webhelios, Please disbale adblock and refresh the page again, "Funny animals || cats vs dogs funniest fails ever", "New Funny Pets Reaction - Try Not To Laugh Animals - TIKTOK FUNNY CATS &…", "Oh no Oh No! 1,039,376, This story has been shared 204,291 times. Cat Proves She’s A Great Babysitter By Protecting Baby From Stove. ... it," said Jordan who immediately took the baby to the hospital to be checked out. Tags: cat defends baby from babysitter. Here’s an amazing cat who needs to come over and babysit for me immediately. Hero Cat Saves Baby From Babysitter. “The majority of cats are securely attached to their owner and use them as a source of security in a novel environment,” said researcher Kristyn Vitale. by admin. Cat Defends His Home From The Mail Cat Takes Back Its' Kitten Mama Ferret Shows Off Her Newborn Babies To Her Human Cat Saves … Way to go, dog! Watch how the black-and-white cat, with the heart of a lion, repeatedly attacks a human being who’s more than 10 times its size … We've received your submission. ... the baby's father. Benjamin and Hope hired 22-year-old Alexis Khan to care for their seven-month-old son, Finn. This record-breaking baby is 27 years old — 2 years younger than her mom, Waitress gets $2K tip — but restaurant refuses to give her a cent, NBA star's wife 'blindsided' by him holding hands with another woman, Clink-opatra: Photographer busted after sexy pyramid shoot with model in Egypt, Larsa Pippen's son reacts after date photos surface with NBA player. Tik Tok Funny Pets Reaction Dog And Cat Video", "Taming a Feral 82: Lunch & Laser Pointer FAIL | Thinking About Giving-Up". Killiаn wаs usuаlly а very аffectionаte dog, аnd since the bаbysitter hаd been vetted аnd seemed perfectly fine, his behаvior didn´t mаke … And, like us, they just want to feel safe. Video pilot will automatically pull new videos. ... alerting the boy's parents to an abusive baby sitter. The baby sitter was arrested, but lights are on Killian the black Labrador dog, who saved the baby and helped the parents know the truth about this baby sitter. The valorous display is just one example of how cats show love — which they indeed do, according to a recent study that revealed felines bond with their human friends as much as dogs do, in spite of their standoffish demeanor. ... Just like the famous cat named Tara who saved her brother’s life, the entire country hails Killian a hero. 124 views. This cat makes sure her tiny human stays out of trouble! Dog saves baby from abusive babysitter When protective pooch Killiаn stаrted аcting аggressively towаrds bаby Finn´s bаbysitter, аlаrm bells begаn ringing for Finn´s pаrents. Masha, a long-haired tabby cat, saved the life of a baby abandoned in the streets of Russia — after she climbed into the box he was discarded in and kept him warm, health officials said. The video shows a young child crawling outside of a crib while the cat, perched on a nearby couch, watches over the room. ... Their babysitter, Alexis Khan, 21, had already been working with the family for 5 months. The feline pounced on a crawling toddler and now is being credited with saving the baby’s life. The Baby-Sitters Club (also known as BSC) is a series of novels written by Ann M. Martin and published by Scholastic between 1986 and 2000, that sold 176 million copies. After chasing away the dog, Tara returned to check on the boy! Hero Dog Saves Boy from Abusive Babysitter. But one courageous kitty is proving they do have heart — and smarts! 204,291, © 2020 NYP Holdings, Inc. All Rights Reserved | iHeartRadio In a 45-second clip from security footage on Oct. 31, the cat can be seen distracting 1-year-old baby Samuel away from a dark staircase — saving the infant from tumbling down a flight of about a dozen steps. Watch this cat save its owner’s three-year-old son from a vicious dog attack. Sitemap Thanks for contacting us. Your Ad Choices This story has been shared 204,291 times. ... cat protects baby from stove, cat protects toddler, cat saves baby boy, cat saves toddler, motherly cat. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. A cat from Colombia is termed as a “hero” by netizens and for all the right reasons. We crowned super dog, Killian, our hero last week for saving his family's baby from an abusive babysitter. Login to Comment; Subscribe To Our YouTube Channel! It’s unclear whether the Siamese breed was trying to turn Samuel’s attention away from the door, or if the furry one just wanted a romp. The series centers around Karen Brewer, Kristy Thomas' younger stepsister, along with her friends Nancy Dawes … Below is a video of another fiercely protective cat, who clearly believes the young woman (babysitter?) May 15, 2014 Jamie Mama Hope: Not Your Mama's Mamas Amy Poehler Gives Up Her First Class Seat to a Mother and Baby Watch Cat attacks Babysitter - dm_526664c8c180f on Dailymotion Literal Jughead … Take for instance this awesome tuxedo cat that came to her best friend’s aid when the babysitter was acting strange. John Belushi’s widow Judy talks new Showtime doc on comic, Larsa Pippen returns home after being spotted with married baller Malik Beasley, Common says girlfriend Tiffany Haddish wants credit for his abs, © 2020 NYP Holdings, Inc. All Rights Reserved, Covidiots are actually naming their new pets after the deadly virus, Diamond in the ruff: LI jewelry store to host pet adoption event, Man accused of killing dad’s cat with frying pan: police, It’s a furry affair: Bidens, dogs to be joined by cat in White House, 10 best outdoor heaters to keep your patio warm during winter, Away takes up to $125 off holiday luggage sets, TikTok's viral Aerie crossover leggings are sold out: Here are 5 dupes, 18 Christmas face masks to get you in the holiday spirit for 2020, HelloFresh's new holiday meal kit delivery lets you gift an NYE feast, Erika Girardi sued for allegedly concealing money in divorce. The new parents from South Carolina took all the right steps. Yet another heartstring-tugging tale (with photos) of a dog's supposedly saving an abandoned newborn child … The video was shared on the Facebook page for Fundación Gatos Bogotanos en Adopción, a cat rescue and adoption organization based in Bogotá, Colombia. Meet The Hero Dog Who Saved A Baby From His Abusive Babysitter. The Babysitter: Killer Queen is a 2020 American comedy horror film, directed and produced by McG, from a screenplay by McG, Dan Lagana, Brad Morris and Jimmy Warden. Baby and cat . The Babysitter Is Abusing Their Infant Baby. This story has been shared 1,039,376 times. The Baby-Sitters Club is about a … A feline friend named Gatubela is being hailed a hero after saving a wayward toddler from falling down a flight of stairs. This story has been shared 1,872,119 times. There are plenty of dog stories out there, with faithful dogs saving their owners, but we bet cats can also be heroes. Nevertheless, the babe made his way back into the center of the room where the cat tried to engage in play. Man’s Spoiled Friend. This story has been shared 1,872,119 times. Martin wrote the first 36 novels in the series, but the subsequent novels were written by ghostwriters, such as Peter Lerangis. Baby-Sitter's Little Sister is a "spin-off" of The Baby-Sitter's Club series written by Ann M. Martin . It is a sequel to the 2017 film The Babysitter and stars Judah Lewis, Emily Alyn Lind, Jenna Ortega, Robbie Amell, Andrew Bachelor, Leslie Bibb, Hana Mae … Video pilot is an automated CMS which can grab videos from youtube automatically. Do Not Sell My Personal Information, Your California Privacy Rights A South Carolina couple is thanking their dog for saving their 7-month-old from an abusive babysitter. Cat saves boy from dog attack - video A boy in California has been saved by the family cat after being attacked by the neighbour's dog. 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