Kanga Hidden Passport Wallet - Black
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The Kanga comes in both black and white. Whatever your color preference may be, this hidden wallet will provide you with the document protrection (passports, monies, bank cards) that you need. Altough both colors will get the job done, the white Kanga comes packed with an elastic waistband to accommodate those who wear skirts, dresses, or trousers without belts.

The Kanga's unique design allows for quick, easy access. Located at the top of the document pouch are two straps that secure to your belt. Once the Kanga has been secured, you simply tuck it into your waistband.

Get ready for the most convenient and secure way to protect your documents. This discrete, lightweight travel document holder makes it safe and easy for you to transport your valuable information. If you are sick and tired of pulling your records out of your traveling suitcase at every checkpoint, or if you are looking for an easier way to retrieve your important documentation - Kanga™ is exactly what you need.

Tags Bag, Personal

Vendor Mr mac

Type Missionary essentials


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