The MR Mac Missionary Starter Kit. Prefect for the LDS Missionary.  You get one premium PSJ Two Pant Suit, 1 Waterproof Rockport Walking Shoe, 4 Wrinkle-Free Shirts and 3 stain resistant polyester Ties. All for ONLY $395!  Now see on YouTube.


Just wondering if you carried big men suits size 62 reg. with a 58 inch waist. Alos Slacks & Sports Coat

Posted by Brent Cowley on October 23, 2014

Thank you for your interest in clothing from Mr Mac. When available we strive to have a selection of suits in all sizes up to size 70 Reg. Our selection will vary by store, I would recommend you call the store nearest you to inquire regarding selection. If you live outside of Utah please call toll free 1-888-676-2201 and ask for Mac. He is a phone order / shipping specialist and can assist you in your long distance clothing selection.

Posted by Stu on October 23, 2014

Thank you for your interest in the “Missionary Starter Kit” 2 Pant Suit Promotion. This is an excellent value. It includes a Phillip St. John Wool/Polyester blend 2 pant suit. The PSJ 2 pant suit is crafted to last from abrasion tested fabrics in a woven blend of fine fiber wool and polyester. In addition, the “Missionary Starter Kit” includes 4 wrinkle free white shirts, 3 stain resistant microfiber ties and your choice of a Rockport of Florsheim walking shoe.

Posted by Stu on October 23, 2014

Are the suit jacket and pants in the package only available in wool?

Posted by Nancy on October 23, 2014

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