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Tropical Fish . Live from an aquarium fish exporter in Manaus, follow us around their facility! BUSINESS HOURS Monday - Friday 8am to 5pm Saturday - 8am to 2pm Sunday- Closed . Bangkok Aqua Plus Co. Ltd. Bangkok Aqua Plus is specialized in exporting live freshwater tropical fish from Thailand. +66 2987 1764 Email: Aqua-Thai Export Co., Ltd. Bumroong Theragul 313, Soi Latphrao 23, Latphrao Road, Latyao, Chatuchuk, Bangkok, 10900, Thailand. Thailand has good climate, land, water resources and man power that suit to do the aquarium business both local and export. Listings were last updated April 25, 2020. Our main project is to import, breed and export wide variety of Rare and Exotic tropical fishes to the world. Freshwater ornamental fish are originally collected from the wild and cultured in the aquarium. We are the FIRST Indonesia ornamental fish exporter that specialize on the RARE and EXOTIC freshwater ornamental fishes. Many people said that you can find whatever you want at this market. By offering only the highest quality of ornamental freshwater tropical fish species brought directly from the heart of the amazon jungle, we guarantee you’ll be satisfied with your purchase. AC Electronic is one of the global Importers & Exporters companies, and specializes in dropshipping Tropical Ornamental Aquarium Fish collector and exporter company. Join Now ... We source mainly Sugar types, Wood Pellets, Thai rice types, A4 copy paper,Betel nuts, jute bags etc. The export center also the distribution point for fresh water from Myanmar and Cambodia. Address:51/154 Moo 1 Bangkok Aquarium Aquarium Supplies, Freshwater Tropical Fish, Ornamental Fish, Live Tropical Fish, Tropical Fish Suppliers, Tropical Fish For Sale, Tropical Fish. +66 2987 1764 Email: Aqua-Thai Export Co., Ltd. Bumroong Theragul 313, Soi Latphrao 23, Latphrao Road, Latyao, Chatuchuk, Bangkok, 10900, Thailand. Your Direct Access to the Source of Ornamental Fish Supplies No One Knows Ornamental Fish Like We Do. FEATURED. We have more than 220 species of aquarium freshwater ornamental tropical fish for export to international. We export and supply all kind of aquarium freshwater tropical fish, Koi, coldwater fish, aquatic plants to wholesalers worldwide an with excellence quality / … We focus on trading of branded mobile phone, and cameras. We export tropical fish to wholesalers / importers / fish stores in almost all countries in Asia, Australia US, Europe, Middle East and Russia. 15K likes. tropical fish Directory of businesses dealing in tropical fish - Page 3. our farm and warehouse are the ornamental tropical fish disease free farm certify by the Ministry of Agriculture and Co-operative of Thailand. Thai leading exporter professional in all kinds of the lived ornamental tropical fish, we are being specialized in goldfish, guppy and wild caught native fish from thailand. Tropical Fish . ( 63 g), Subscribe and receive latest members updates regularly. 15K likes. For more than 15 years, we have supplying our owned breed tropical fish to major fish exporters from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. Now, we come into the market to offer you the high quality tropical fish in local breeder price. Anemone, Sea Urchins. Source: Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan, Sri Lanka Available Species: 1000++more ... Marine Fish . Tropical Fish exporter based in Thailand. Tropical Fish Tel. ... COSMO-TRADE CVOA. Optimum packs designed to reduce freight cost, depending on the end customer’s needs. 1010000801 and Farm registered no.TH1031030056 (Mr.Witun Runsuk) and TH1031160003 (Bangkok Aqua PLus Co.,LTd.) We are specialized in export live freshwater tropical fish from Thailand We are experienced for export lives tropical fishes and water plants since 1996 accepting by all customer (importers and transshippered) worldwide including USA , Europe , and countries of the Middle East . 8B, Jati Asih, Bekasi, Indonesia. Our catalog: SHRIMPS ANEMONE JELLY FISH STARFISH NUDIBRANCHES & SEA SLUGS CRABS OCTOPUS/CEPHALOPODS SEA URCHINS SHELL & SNAILS PLANTS LOBSTERS & SYMBIOSIS SHRIMP FEATHER DUSTER WORMS SEAFANS – HORNCORAL POLYPS COLONIAL MUSHROOM … Thailand offers some of the high quality Bettas and Sharks in the market today, we can also offer most regular varieties or rare varieties that are bred on a shared commitment to volumes in line with the end customer demands of key clients, with quality and consistency second to none. Open 24 hours. Samitra aquarium Thailand, Leading company of ornamental fish and aquarium fish farm and exporter from Thailand, more than experience corrector and exporter 25 +66 2930 5375-76, +66 2512 3661 Fax. It has been established here in Thailand since the year 2001 in order to offer a larger variety of species. Main office : Sakura Regency Blok f1 No. Lim Chareon Aquarium is a major exporter of Freshwater Aquarium Fish and Tropical Fish in Thailand. Live from an aquarium fish exporter in Manaus, follow us around their facility! Export & wholesale all kind of aquarium freshwater tropical fish in Thailand, ornamental fish and aquatic plants in Thailand. SINGAPORE AQUARIUM FISH EXPORTERS ASSOCIATION: Singapore : SOFI-SCHOOL OF INDUSTRIAL FISHERIES: India ... SUNBEAM AQUARIUM PTE. We have more than 200 species of Tropical Fish, over 60 strains of Discus and over 100 species of Aquatic Plants available in our stock.

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