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Over the course of the last year, I rarely studied Cantonese for more than 15-30 minutes a day. With 66 million speakers, Cantonese cannot be considered an impractical language to learn. Cantonese is a tonal language (or dialect) and it actually shares the same syntax and grammar as Mandarin Chinese - in fact some words are pronounced exactly the same. This vocabulary book is a curated Cantonese word frequency list with 2000 of the most common Cantonese words and phrases. Noté /5. by Luke Truman. Posted on July 4, 2017 by Kyte. The teachers here are such an accommodation, they will guide you to use the correct speaking, pronunciation and conversation. Learn Cantonese online the quick and easy way. Adding to this, they are also able to test your ability to speak, write and understand text. The course is designed to teach you Cantonese on autopilot. Learn the basic structure of Cantonese by speaking Since you have an idea of how the tone and sound works, you can learn the basic sentence structures by practicing your speech with native speakers. how do you say (this) in Cantonese? CantoneseClass101.com - Learn Cantonese … Learn as little as 17 minutes per day. Learn Cantonese Online in just 7 minutes a day! With Cantonese Conversations, you can master Cantonese by immersing yourself in real conversations, with all the supporting material to help you understand and learn what you hear. We think that people can learn better when they're presented with simple words that they're likely to use daily. More so when you're thinking of (or are already) taking on one of the most difficult languages to learn for English speakers - Cantonese. The Level 1 course in Cantonese features 16 hours of Cantonese Chinese content. LEARN 10 CANTONESE WORDS IN 5 MINUTES. These usually follow a format of a few pages on a particular topic followed by some related questions for you to answer as a test. Registration is required for first time users. Des milliers de livres avec la livraison chez vous en 1 jour ou en magasin avec -5% de réduction . Apps are amongst the most convenient methods. Every interactive with others will be an opportunity to use your skills, helping to remember and practise what you know. Learning how the culture of one country is something, but learning how to speak their language is a skill. Learn at your own convenience and pace with our short, effective, and fun audio podcast lessons, a comprehensive, state-of-the-art Learning Center, and a vibrant user community. I want to inform everyone that Easy Cantonese is a good foundation for beginners like me who want to learn Cantonese. And what is the best way to learn … Start speaking Cantonese in minutes with audio and video lessons, audio dictionary, and learning community! Keep this in mind as it effectively doubles the learning time when … Free Cantonese Language Exchange + Professional Online Cantonese Teachers. Now How to Learn Cantonese: The Easy Way to Learn Cantonese in 10 Simple Steps Step 1: Skip Chinese Characters and Find a Good Beginner’s Cantonese Course. - YouTube You can learn Cantonese sounds and tones, daily conversations, commonalities between Cantonese and Mandarin and there is also a dictionary. We gathered the most important topics such as vocabulary phrases grammar and flashcards so that you only learn what you will actually need to learn … Chinese could be considered as easy to learn when compared to other languages. Following the Pareto principle (80/20 rule), this book is built to streamline the learning process by concentrating on the core words and sentence structures. Last updated: 26th July, 2017 12nd July, 2017 11st July, 2017 1st July, 2017 19th June, 2017 9th May, 2017. Cantonese has a very rich history and culture as a language, and is one of the most expressive and fun languages I have ever heard. Some of my boyfriends family cannot speak a word of English (the older relations mainly) and I would to love be able to communicate with them. While it is an effective method for learning a new language, it is far from practical in most cases. Cantonese is not a tense language, which means it does not distinguish past, present, and future in verb forms. Lang-8.com Get Free … Achetez neuf ou d'occasion This is full speed, no holds barred Cantonese, with all the supplements you need to be able to break it down into manageable chunks! Start your first free lesson now. Did you know? Introduction Learning any language can be daunting. I would get extra exposure to Cantonese by listening to podcasts, music, or other audio whilst driving. For others, they may find this method difficult, unfulfilling, or boring. What parents say. Innovative Language Learning, LLC offers an innovative, fun, and easy to use language learning system that is designed to get you speaking from the very first lesson. Download + Stream Beginner Cantonese Textbook Audio Lessons Online for Free. Easy Cantonese 3 - What do you like about Hong Kong? Retrouvez Learn Cantonese - Quick / Easy / Efficient: 2000 Key Vocabularies et des millions de livres en stock sur Amazon.fr. learn cantonese easy free download - Learn Cantonese by WAGmob, Simply Learn Cantonese, Learn Cantonese with Frazebook, and many more programs Our Cantonese curriculum includes basic vocabulary in following categories; Numbers, Colors, Food, Fruit and Vegetables, House Items, Body Parts, Family, Clothes, Vehicles, Nature, Animals, Alphabet and Greetings in Cantonese. You will constantly be tested and hear new vocabulary in your day to day life. Step 3: Listen to Cantonese Every Day. (li go) h i gon dUng wa dim gon a? You'll never forget Cantonese again in your life with the unique long-term memory learning method. Step 4: Transfer Useful Cantonese Words to Flashcards. However, if you want one of the most effective educations in the language and time and money is no issue, this is definitely worth considering. See more ideas about Learn cantonese, Cantonese language, Learning. Step1: Listen to real Cantonese with an extensive library of spontaneous conversations between different speakers on interesting topics. Listen to lots of Cantonese audio: ‍ Find Cantonese dramas you enjoy and watch them to get familiar with the language. Learning vocabulary in Cantonese is about dedicating the time and effort to the project. Heidi B. How to Learn Cantonese: The Easy Way to Learn Cantonese in 10 Simple Steps. It is very easy and intuitive. Jackie Chan in the Hong Kong movie Police Story … Learn Cantonese - Quick / Easy / Efficient. This means that you can actually speak the language to a certain acceptable level simply by visiting the above pages. This is especially the case once you’ve got to grips with the challenge of reading or even writing the numerous Chinese characters. Today, I’m going to take a slight detour and talk about some of the best resources to learn Cantonese I've found for you guys. If you've wondered about things like 'what's the best way to learn Cantonese', 'how do I learn Cantonese tones', 'should I learn Cantonese characters', you've landed in the right place. Learn Cantonese: Quick / Easy / Efficient: 2000 Key Vocabularies, Pinhok Languages, Smashwords Edition. (By study, I mean any activity where I was focused on learning the language. An average native person who speaks Cantonese uses only a very small number of vocabulary on a daily basis. (Note: I will keep this updated with new resources I find, and from recommendations submitted by readers.) There are some shortcuts but learning the words requires you to learn the pronunciation and the characters. Learn more words and phrases in Cantonese with our selected lessons. While learning directly with a private tutor will get you a more personalized experience, it can become costly. © 2020 Simya Solutions. For some, this is an ideal way to learn for what can be a reasonable price. You are probably better starting off with a different method and working your way up to eventually visiting or even moving to the new country. Learn Cantonese is an easy to use mobile Cantonese Phrasebook that will give visitors to Hong Kong and those who are interested in learning Cantonese a good start in the language. You can learn some of the basic structures in Drops’ Travel Talk category. Smartphones are nearly always at hand, so when you have a few free minutes waiting at the bus stop or while laying in bed. While these apps likely should not be the only method you use, they are a great tool for improving your ability a little bit at a time. That said, much of the characters used in Cantonese and Mandarin are the same. Learn Cantonese In 15 Minutes A Day. If you surround yourself in the language you are learning, it should be easier to learn, right? It is no secret that we think language learning apps like Ling are a great way to bolster your learning experience. Basically, I'm a native English speaker wanting to learn Cantonese. tsen lei gon man di: Back to Learn Cantonese. Sep 23, 2019 - Explore KJ Smailes's board "Learn Cantonese", followed by 643 people on Pinterest. Learning Cantonese . Children learn Cantonese as they play and learn as they speak. Millions of people love Ling. Credits to: South China Morning Post for this photo and the inspiration to write this article. It was usually more like 15 minutes. Cantonese grammar is relatively easy to learn. could you speak slower please? Here is how you can start: You can actually learn Cantonese very quickly and easily through our lessons because we teach you only what you need to learn. Learn Total Beginner Cantonese Vocabulary + Grammar Online for Free. These are great opportunities to practice some vocabulary or try out some of the lessons. Available in both English or Chinese. Maybe you are a real book worm and learn best through reading and writing. Pimsleur’s audio-focused teaching style will get you speaking the language faster than other resources will. This is generally the case. If your main objective, however, is to do business or travel in Mainland China, you would be better off learning Mandarin. With the novel superlearning technology, you'll learn 32% faster and can focus better. If you have the willpower to set aside time and concentrate on the task, you should give it a try. On top of this, Hong Kong cinema is legendary with huge names such as Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan and Stephen Chow. As a result, if you learn Cantonese it will be fairly quick and easy to adapt to learning Mandarin should you choose to do so. Cantonese.” Learn Cantonese in just 20 minutes a day with Glossika's unique method. Similarities and Differences Between Mandarin and Cantonese. However, it’s not great for learning grammar or about the written language. Easy Learning. Cantonese Conversations isn’t easy, and it’s a huge leap up from beginner materials such as Teach Yourself to something more natural like this, but the content is interesting enough to keep you engaged. This site is designed to teach you and help you learn Cantonese for free through vocabulary, phrases, grammar and flashcards (vocabulary trainer). How easy is it to learn for a native English speaker? A self-learning platform by the Linguistics and Modern Language Studies, for learning Cantonese. All Rights Reserved. For those who enjoy the classroom experience, language classes can be a very effective way to get a formal education in your target language. There are so many choices available online or in a combination of audio CD and book form that will walk you step by step through a language. Free Cantonese Language Exchange App: Make Friends + Learn 廣東話 . Play fun games & learn how to speak Cantonese. Step 2: Get a Cantonese Tones Cheat Sheet. Learn Cantonese Online with Podcasts - CantoneseClass101 The fastest, easiest, and most fun way to learn Cantonese and Cantonese culture. These can be either in a classroom setting with several other learners, or one-to-one with a private language tutor.

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