kenmore elite dryer push to start stops when button released

Whether a Whirlpool/Kenmore or GE/Hotpoint, this tip o' the day awwta hepya. the outlet has been repaired but the dryer still turns on when I push the start button but stops when the start button is released. I have read all the responses posted here. My Kenmore Elite gas dryer model 110.73954102 won't stay "on" when I release the start button. This is a Kenmore Elite natural gas dryer. This can cause the dryer to stop running after the start button is released but … The electrical outlet was arcing and tripped the breaker. ... press & hold start button dryer ran, release button, dryer stopped. I then put in a second motor and it worked for about three weeks. When you encounter problems with your Kenmore dryer, the manufacturer recommends walking through some troubleshooting steps so you can attempt to resolve the situation on your own before contacting your retailer or Kenmore for service support. Upon release of the start button, it stops running. I do not push the start button, and the dryer starts. I've read through many threads and decided to go purchase a new computer board, which did not help. Remember to unplug your appliance before beginning the installation process, as safety precaution. If that switch is faulty the motor will start when you push the switch on the console, but will stop after you release it. There seems to be no reason when or why this occurs. If you have such a dryer, the push-to-start button begins the cycle by initiating a voltage path through the drive motor. Disconnect the power before installing this part. Kenmore Elite Dryer Model Number: 110.62952100. Push-to-start switch WP3398094 starts the dryer when you press and release the button. I checked for 48VDC across the pink/black wires on the motor start relay, but I am reading 120 VAC instead. Need help replacing the Push To Start Switch (Part wp3977456) in your Kenmore Dryer? Serviceman coming soon. but did nothing. I called an appliance repair company and … Clothes Dryer Will Not Stay On After Pushing Start Button Read More » Purchased new 5-28-2003. Model 110.78974890 won't stay running after the start button is released. Start here with our troubleshooting guide to diagnose the cause of your Kenmore dryer problems. While the reasons that your dryer isn't working could be numerous, in most cases, either the power is off or the dryer's start … We did have a problem in the near past concerning the door latch. The quick thing to look for is the "Door Interlock. Remove the cabinet screws with a nut driver. The dryer is 9 years old. My kenmore dryer starts the drying cycle then after about 2 - 5 minutes shuts off. If your dryer fails to start once you push the button, the thermal fuse may have failed. Hi, I am having the same problem many of you out there have experienced. Kenmore Elite 110.73942100 Gas Dryer. It is a pretty basic model, so the only thing in the panel are a timer and the push to start switch. Does anyone know what it will need to be repaired? When I release the start switch the drum stops. When you push the button to restart it just beeps. Once I let my finger off the button the dryer stops. The Kenmore Elite HE4 is a high-efficiency dryer that comes in both gas and electric models. The closed door closes a switch which must be closed in order for it to run,, the same switch is what stops the dries when door is opened. When I release - Answered by a verified Appliance Technician We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. Dryer won't stay on after start button is pushed It will run as long as someone is pushing on the button but as soon as you take your finger off it, it stops. As soon as I let go of the Start button it stops running. Get shopping advice from experts, friends and the community! Kenmore Dryer only runs while button is pressed I swapped the motor relay for the heater relay this morning and BINGO, the motor continued to run after I released the push to start button. Any other suggestions? It does stop when the door is open. And then it stopped as soon as I released … resonses to it. Now the dryer will only run when the start button is pressed, as soon as it's released it stops running and still no heat. This video from Sears PartsDirect shows how to replace a broken push-to-start switch in some Kenmore gas dryers. When I tried to start it beeped three times rapidly. I have checked the thermal cut offs hi limit thermostats, etc. It will work after I disconnect PS02 and reseat it usually. However, some dryers have a switch that shuts off power to the dryer if the drive belt is broken. I tested the thermal fuse and all the fuses it wasent the answer. When you push the start button, the dryer push-to-start switch completes an electrical circuit to start the drive motor and begin the drying cycle. After awhile it will restart but then may shut down again before dry, and you have to wait again. You may be tempted to replace the push-to-start switch in that situation, but the fault often lies with the motor relay because the motor relay should keep the dryer running after you release the push-to-start switch. The door latch has a small plastic piece on it that broke off. If this switch is damaged or defective, it may not complete the voltage path, and the dryer … I have read several posts of similar problems but want to make sure my problem is the same. I have taken the lower front panel off, totally cleaned the insides, and tested the contacts for continuity that were in... MY Kenmore Elite Dryer, Model 110.63932101 runs normal and then stops before clothes are dry. When I set the timer and then press the start button, the dryer starts but as soon as I release the button it stops. to the people on the Sears Kenmore Elite Dryer Won't Run If Start Button Released thread at A huge Thank You! Kenmore Elite Dryer « previous next ... Kenmore Elite Dryer « on: March 19, 2010, 06:26:29 PM » When starting the dryer I push the start button, it starts but as soon as I release the button it stops. It first did this a couple of months ago but I was able to get it going by just leaning on the button for several minutes. HELPING DO-IT YOURSELFERS SINCE 1999 Kenmore Elite dryer motor stops when start button is released First, start the dryer and then listen for a humming noise. Is there any reason why... Hi, I am having the same problem many of you out there have experienced. This was a 2-step repair. Title explains the problem. Kenmore Dryer Push-To-Start Switch WP3977456 - This is a genuine OEM part. It is white color coordinated. I have a Kenmore 80 series dryer which is about 8 years old. How do I repair the dryer? So it was either the door switch or control board… I have a Kenmore electric dryer that will only run when the start button is held down. But it will turn on for about 5 minutes or so and when I select a setting the time will go for 1 hour and 2 minutes for example then go down to 2 … This push-to-start switch (part number WP3398094) is for dryers. If I hold the button in it runs a bit then stops. I tried to search the forums for answer everyone was saying its the thermal fuse. Some dryers have controls that are mechanical instead of electronic. There is a start switch on the motor of all dryers that works from the start button. I have a 2-year-old Kenmore electric dryer (model 110.63932101). I push the "push-to-start" button on my Kenmore Elite electric dryer and the dryer starts to spin. Model 110.63932102. I purchased a new Kenmore Elite Electric Dryer 2 years ago. There's no heat but at least the wife can fluff the clothes until I get a new relay. All of a sudden (about 2.5 weeks ago), this problem came up: the dryer will start running when you push the "Start" button in but as soon as you let go of the "Start" button, the dryer stops. Release the button and the dryer stops immediately. I have a Kenmore Elite gas dryer Model 11074992300. Is the door closed good and tight? Dryer Stops When the Start Button is Released. The dryer works fine, but recently, the dryer starts automatically when you turn the dial to a setting. Replace the Push-to-Start Switch. The thread has been growing for more than 6 years and has more than 650(!) Sometimes, I will walk away with the timer set frustrated that it will not start and then come back minutes or hours later and the dryer is running. Any idea? Kenmore HE4 Elite Dryer - Would not turn on. My 90 series Kenmore dryer stops when the start button is released. Some dryer models include an electrically operated switch called a motor relay. Timed, automatic, heat, air cooled. When I push the start button the dryer drum begins to tumble. Slide the dryer top toward the front of the dryer and lift … ", Start button won't stay on - Kenmore Elite gas dryer, Kenmore Elite dryer - Push to start, stops when button released, Kenmore Elite gas dryer has no heat turns off when start button is released. If the voltage supply stops, the motor relay then stops the drive motor and prevents the dryer from running. I have a Kenmore Elite dryer model 110.63942101. My kenmore elite dryer is not getting hot what could be the problem? I have tried all the settings on the dial. So, your dryer starts up when you press the start button but stops when you release it. The lights on the controls worked. I have a Kenmore Elite Dryer (model 110.60972990) that has decided to not run if the Start Button is not held down continuously. I have read all the responses posted here. If your switch is not turning on or off, will not start, or the contacts inside the switch are shorted out, it is best to replace this part as a possible solution. From time to time, I am able to select my drying selections, load size and all the settings but when I push START it only "clicks" and will not start. It's not a good feeling when you load up your dryer with soggy clothes only to have the machine not turn on when you turn the start switch. Providing a wide variety of features to customize drying your clothes, the Elite HE4 is also offered in several different colors. Any suggestions? For further elaboration, when pressed, the drum turns and everything seems to behave normally. The dryer (110.63932100) runs ONLY when the start button is held down. I have read all the responses posted here. Push the button the the dryer starts immediately (as long as a … I put a new motor in about six months ago and it worked until last month. If you dryer is a Whirlpool/Kenmore, the culprit is this little boogar, the Even Heat Control Board. Wear work gloves to protect your hands. My dryer will run if I am constantly pushing the button. I purchased a new Kenmore Elite Electric Dryer 2 years ago. The timer was still showing some crazy number like 50 minutes, the dryer was not running or making any noises, and the clothes were still wet. All Topics Topic Home & Garden Appliances » Kenmore Elite dryer - Push to start, stops when button released ... New Member : Feb 5, 2007, 01:15 PM Kenmore Elite dryer - Push to start, stops when button released. Just a quick thought, it seems like the timer has blown. If this switch fails, it could shut off power to the dryer even when the belt is not broken. Begin by browsing the list of Kenmore dryer symptoms and once you find your match, learn more about it. There is only one setting (the far right) on the dial where the dryer does not run. My kenmore elite dryer steam ecodry model number model 592-89479 keeps popping up be2 pr 6e2 can’t tell if it’s a 6 or a b. I was thinking it may be the heating coil, if so where would it be located? Any help you can provide would be great. I sounds like the drum is starting to move, but doesn't appear to be. Well, perhaps I forgot to press the start button, I remember thinking, so I went ahead and pressed it. At first the dryer would run but there was no heat. Has Sears issued a recall or defective part for this model? How to Test a Dryer Start Switch. Once you choose the dry cycle on your Kenmore 70 series dryer, pushing the start button starts the dryer cycle. On most dryers, when the dryer belt breaks, the motor will still run, but the drum won’t turn. It started running, nice! It will restart after about 30 minutes. This push-to-start switch activates the dryer when the button is pressed and released. I purchased a new Kenmore Elite Electric Dryer 2 years ago. OK, Dryer, it's you or me! Hi, I am having the same problem many of you out there have experienced. If the electrical contacts in the push-to-start switch fail, the dryer either won't start when you push the button, or it starts as soon as you close the door, even though you don't push the button. Model # XXXXX 1. what part do I need to buy 2. Try getting the motor start switch replaced. Kenmore Elite dryer - Push to start, stops when button released [ 2 Answers ] Hi, I am having the same problem many of you out there have experienced.

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