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To defeat this boss you will want to get in close and personal, and deal damage with heavy and light attacks. The new-and-improved God of War makes significant changes to the combat of the long-running franchise. These attacks generally are enough to knock enemies out of their own attacks, and you won’t get interrupted if you’re hit while doing them. Upgrade your lifestyleDigital Trends helps readers keep tabs on the fast-paced world of tech with all the latest news, fun product reviews, insightful editorials, and one-of-a-kind sneak peeks.Digital Trends may earn a commission when you buy through links on our site. Your build in Niflheim should be whatever gives you the best mist resistance — it’s otherwise inconsequential. It won’t fill your health bar, but it’s often enough to bring Kratos back from the brink of death when you might be about to lose a fight. Some, such as The Stranger, will challenge Kratos to do more than just match them blow for crushing blow. Proceed at your own risk. Heck, this is good advice even in Dark Souls. Finding the attacks that work for you is key, and experimenting is a great way to keep the game feeling fresh as you play it. Battles you’ll struggle to win. Look for opportunities to distract enemies you’re not ready to fight, so you can deal with the ones in front of you. The rest of the build is largely up to you, but we prioritise Defence, Strength, Luck, and then Vitality in that order. Heracles was blessed with unnatural strength from birth. You can equip different ones as you find them, and each of Kratos’ weapons can equip different attacks, which means you can tailor them to your preferred playstyle, and even the enemies you’re facing. In all cases, you want to be thinking about how Atreus can add to your fighting ability. You get back mist timer for every chest you open, but you’re still sometimes better off just running through an area — there’s no point having thousands of mist echoes available if you die before you can bank it. Kratos‘ regular attacks are powerful — you’d hope so, considering — but Runic Attacks are the bread and butter of how Kratos can demolish anyone in his way. Finally, Atreus is especially useful for distracting enemies you’re not ready to fight. You can also spend your XP on upgrading your Runic attacks. When it’s full, hit R3 and L3 together to activate Spartan Rage, which basically lets you Hulk out on enemies until the meter is empty. So keep a healthy attitude! This page is spoiler-free, though it will reveal some unlockable skills. Always upgrade your gear and purchase new armor when you can, even if you need to put resources into it to make it more powerful. The second or so it takes the ax to return is enough to leave you open for damage. If they don’t die, we just have to not get hit. Hitting an enemy in the head will usually stun it briefly, and with bosses like trolls, you can actually interrupt big attacks before you have to try to dodge them. When you’re in Niflheim, you’ll want to build your Mist Resistance by farming mist echoes. Each piece of armor you find affects Kratos’ stats, and each of his stats change how effective you are in battle. Joab is a games critic from Australia with over 10 years of experience and a PUBG tragic. The R1 attack is quick, light, and good for stringing together combos. The Valkyries aren’t like every other enemy you’ll face in God of War. As we explained, Runic Attacks are crazy powerful, and they only become more powerful as you stack damage into them. God of War on the other hand weaves a complex tale of paternal growth, utilising the Tend and Befriend drive to create an emotional attachment between you and the characters within. You’ll earn a ton of experience points fighting in God of War, which is good, because there are lots of things to spend them on. If you have a talisman move, you can activate it by holding L1 and pressing Circle. For God of War on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Tips on Give Me God of War Difficulty". Every Valkyrie in God of War is tough, but Sigrun makes the others look like child’s play. We've remembered about trophy guide, all favors, treasure maps localization and labours. One of the first God of War tips people will tell you is the combat is a lot slower, and more reactive. The new God of War is a harder, more complicated God of War.It’s influenced by a few more modern formulas, both in story and in combat — and that means God of War tips are going to be more complicated than just “mash harder.”. 0. This fire troll is the first boss enemy that you’ll face off against in God of War and it’s a great introductory fight to how boss fights will work in the game. They can’t be stunned and grappled, most of them spend far too much time in the air and they all have different movesets you need to learn and deal with. God of War is a long game and you’ll fight plenty of bad guys to keep the experience flowing. Still others shoot frost energy in a line along the ground, for instance. Hey do you see this golem? Stronger attacks you can block will be indicated with a yellow ring around the enemy; if you hit L1 just as the attack strikes you, you’ll parry it, sending the enemy reeling and giving you a chance for a quick counterattack. As soon as you can get the stance-switch upgrades, you should. You can also point his arrows directly at the enemies you want to stall. You can do the same thing with Atreus’ armor as the game progresses, choosing what kind of fighter he’ll be and how he can best augment your style. Due to God of War's over the shoulder camera, you'll often need to back off when surrounded by a group of enemies in combat. In Greek Mythology, Hades was the first son and fourth child of Cronos and Rhea. The only way out of those is to dodge them. The R1 attack is quick, light, and good for stringing together combos. Focus on throwing the ax for a clear purpose. Our guide for God of War (PS4) contains all necessary information that will help you complete the game in 100%. Have some helpful God of War tips, including how stats work, combat options, Atreus and more . Our tips and tricks have been split into a few sections to better help you master God of War. Good luck, and know that the Dad of War believes in you! The last element of combat you have from the start is Atreus. Runic Attacks don’t share a cooldown with the Leviathan, so you can effectively pop four runic attacks on an enemy if you need to. If you don't have the right gear or if you go in the wrong direction, things get hard. Your bread-and-butter attacks in God of War are basic swipes and chops with the Leviathan Axe when you hit either R1 or R2. Like Dark Souls, these moves all have tells, and you can actually dodge all of them if you know what to look for. With that in mind — sockets are more important than almost any other build option in the game, and if you have a choice between a Talisman with a powerful ability or something with a garbage ability and many sockets, you should go for the sockets. You don’t have to master the parry and dodges to survive early in the game, but it will certainly make things more enjoyable later. From great armour to essential crafting supplies - … The Valkyrie armour is a great source of cooldown with some Runic to boot — and you can upgrade them to a full allotment of sockets. Similarly, a light throw to the legs will knock a lot of enemies down, briefly taking them out of the battle. Knock an enemy up into the air, and a quick arrow will help keep them there, allowing both of you to hit them at the same time. Explosive red bottles will, unsurprisingly, explode when you hit them and set enemies on fire.

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